My buddy informed me whenever non-safe sex she’d have fun with drinking water and put sodium into h2o

My buddy informed me whenever non-safe sex she’d have fun with drinking water and put sodium into h2o


People, particularly females, mentioned using low-pharmaceuticals since forms of contraceptives. These types of girls demonstrated the way they enjoys both used or heard of liquid, salt, and you will squatting while the types of contraceptives.

.. Yes, that is what she told you (one to she utilized water and you will salt just after gender), and you will the woman is a health scholar (thus lending credence to that particular strategy). (Lady FGD)

Regarding the liquid, once you can take in the 29 centiliters off liquids, in the long run you can see the fresh pee. As time passes, you will notice it (semen) on your shorts. (Lady FGD)

Merely calm down, after it (intercourse), once you are upwards, you just visit the toilet in order to squat having thirty minutes try moving it as if you are peeing. And you also note that they (semen) is coming out on a unique without using contraceptives. You squat; once you squat, you force it while looking to force one thing with force. Stay there (regarding the reputation) to possess a half hour, brand new jizz (semen) will unquestionably come out. (Lady FGD)

Pure and you will Modern Contraceptives

Finally, members mentioned withdrawal, condoms, postinor (a familiar crisis birth control during the Nigeria), as well as the calendar approach because the other types away from contraceptives. The two commonest forms of progressive contraceptives one of players was indeed condoms and you can disaster birth prevention pills when you’re diary and you can withdrawal methods had been the latest one or two commonest different absolute procedures.

Birth-control Liking

Even when people explained various methods out-of birth-control, it emphasized its needs to own detachment, safe period (schedule means), and you may crisis contraceptives in place of condoms. Such as, student men reported that sometimes they got intercourse instead of condoms since their spouse may no extended be interested in gender if the people went finding condoms just before sex.

In the event that anointing falls (sexual need), you employ new detachment approach since your lover may no extended get into the mood by the time your get back immediately following going over to get a beneficial condom. (Men FGD).

Their safer months, the newest absolute strategy it’s simply on how to discover your own monthly period cycle; while you are as well as if you are perhaps not secure. Thus, in the event that condom isn’t here, it is possible to use your safe several months. (Female FGD)

Together with, health care team highlighted the preferential accessibility particular contraceptives by the their subscribers. For example, a beneficial pharmacist stated how unmarried women prominent to utilize crisis contraceptives over other forms of contemporary contraceptives.

Solitary of these, teens, are not too troubled from the contraceptives; he’s simply in search of these very first-line ones to stop pregnancies. They don’t wish to have any college students just yet… So, they simply prefer the immediate ones for instance the levonorgestrel, the latest postinor (crisis contraceptives). They get can they know that he or she is safe (Pharmacist step 1)


As a whole, members (males and females) was basically unwilling to explore condoms. Condom is well-known relating to informal or transactional sex in the place of a loyal and monogamous dating. Occasionally, people exactly who did not believe its men manage delayed to use condoms until these people were one another looked at for different STIs.

Whenever my personal boyfriend was at Vent Harcourt, he said he desired to do so raw (have unprotected sex) and you will have the effect. “We advised him for this evening ‘why don’t we fool around with an excellent condom and you can tomorrow we can visit the healthcare once the I am very careful. We can look at the health and you can carry out the required shot and you can after the result is away, we are able to create versus condoms.” He agreed and told you nothing wrong. (Female FGD)

You will find never made use of condoms in advance of although I was using my date for approximately 8 age, and We have not gotten a bacterial infection…. But, he’s therefore mindful; he spends condoms with each most other girl. (Girls FGD)