So it Armenian beauty’s definition is considered the most the best terminology–“pleasant!

So it Armenian beauty’s definition is considered the most the best terminology–“pleasant!

I dislike to break it to you, however, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe aren’t Armenian labels. not, which is concerning breadth of most Americans’ expertise in the topic. Let’s transform one to, should we? You will find got 20 great Armenian names to share with you today–all of them is similarly hitting towards an Armenian-American (otherwise people!) child.

Arda– Arda was an effective Hebrew-Armenian unisex name, whether or not, if you’re likely to put it to use into a western kid, it would be best into a girl

Aghavni– Callum, Paloma, Jemima–incorporate Aghavni into the list of names meaning “dove.” This charming Armenian name fits their quiet harbinger meaning. Aghavni needless to say symbolizes a peaceful spirit.

Anahid– Anahid comes from brand new Persian mythological title Anahita–the newest goddess out-of fertility, healing, wisdom, and you will water. Anahid is generally included in Western Armenia, while Anahit is much more preferred when you look at the East Armenia. They are both common within preferred places.

Anoush– Anoush is an incredibly charming label that implies nice. To the equivalent-category of Anouk wearing choose one of liking-suppliers and you can trendsetters, Anoush (or the lady choice spelling Anush) appears like a premier-level option. For all your musical fans, Anoush is the term away from good 1912 opera because of the Armen Tigranian.

Additionally, it is utilized in Turkey, however, because the a strictly men title. One to popular historical namesake is Arda out-of Armenia, Queen out of Jerusalem.

Lusine– Lusine is actually a unique term that will be a highly creative way to get into the every-girl moniker Lucy–way more unforeseen than simply Lucille and you can Lucia. Lusine setting “moonlight,” and will also be spelled Lucine.

elizabeth Maral function deer, like in the brand new Caspian Reddish Deer which is native to Armenia. That makes Caspian or Casper a great sis identity, or, if you’re on anagrams, think about Lamar?

Shoushan– Since you you’ll assume, Shoushan offers roots with eg brands because Shoshana and you can Susan. Such as for instance their sisters, she setting “lily,” making Shoushan the best name getting a spring season child.

Siran– Siran is actually a good diminutive out-of Siranush–each other higher names, however the slimmer Siran strikes myself much more American-friendly. ” However, which makes me personally a huge enthusiast out-of Siran.

Taline– Taline is inspired by Talin–the name of an Armenian town, hence houses a popular monastery of the identical label. Their definition is actually unfamiliar; of many think it over only a mention of the Armenian area.

Zabel– In these days out-of Isabella and you may Isabel, why don’t you pick one thing a tiny other? Zabel is the Armenian version of Isabel, however, really stands better on her individual (however, if you’d like this lady since the a nickname, what about Elizabeth otherwise Jezebel as full form?). The brand new zippy Z birth are live and you will fun, and an elegant variation, she will be spelled Zabelle. Ziazan is yet another Zname, meaning rainbow.

Armen– Armen was a handsome term who has got origins in Armenia and you will Russia. When you look at the Russia he is a variant of the brands Armand and you may Herman, however in Armenia, he arises from title of the nation. Aram is yet another solution, of this creator William Saroyan and you will Russian composer Aram Khachaturian. Ara are an epic Armenian king.

Haro– Haro are an excellent multicultural surname title which is much more popular during the Armenia while the a primary. Not much information is known towards Armenian form, however, he may are from Harout, which often is derived from Harutyun. Haig was a greatest Armenian label.

Levon– Impeccably fancy Levon is all the rage nowadays, but alternatively he could be a significantly less than-the-radar possibilities. Copywriter Tiny Biet has a man called Levon. For people who identity your man Levon, he will share his title which have Armenian royalty, an enthusiastic Elton John song therefore the Band musician Levon Helm.

Narek- Narek comes from title away from a keen Armenian urban area and this right now falls for the modern Chicken. The name might be interpreted since Nareg in the West Armenia, however, I do believe really American moms and dads would like the previous.

Ohan– Ohan is the Armenian sorts of John. He would end up being the best choice for an Armenian-Western child–Ohan has actually a modern sound and that’s fresh to Western ears, yet , features dated-world Armenian root. Ohanna ‘s the females version.

He is an enthusiastic indisputably high title, however, which leads to high rankings (Isaac is at #31). Yet not, Sahak-Isaac‘s Armenian variation–is close to uncommon in america. The guy shares all the same audio with his Hebrew cousin, yet not the latest prominence, and make Sahak an one+ choice.

Sahak– Would you love Isaac?

Sourin– Whilst a couple of try unrelated, Armenian Sourin is really like Scandinavian Soren. The second is fairly fashionable at this time, making Sourin good solution. Instead of Soren, Sourin’s pronunciation puts the stress to your next syllable.

Suferican people hipster rocker, but you might not have recognized one to his name is Armenian. Sufjan is simply a variation out-of Sufyan, and that is utilized in Arabic culture. Possibly spelling are usable for where to find a sugar daddy a baby son.

Toros– Toros ‘s the Armenian sorts of Theodore, although it is generally also similar to the fresh new Spanish word to have bull, “toro.” And possess may be confused with Taurus (the fresh new constellation of your bull). If you like vintage brands which have uncommon nicknames, you might label the absolutely nothing Theodore–or Thelonious–Toros.

Zako– Zack is beyond fashion, but Zako feels active and you will fresh. He is a keen Armenian name, and additionally a good Hungarian types of Zachariah. Zako functions as each other the full identity and you may a moniker, very take your pick! Zeroun mean smart and you will known old-man-a reputation to expand towards.